🙏 Namaste! नमस्ते| 🙏

"Every action you perform is a contribution to some aspect of this world. Being conscious of that should keep you inspired."
Welcome to my blog and my first post! My name is Pawan Deep and I am from Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India. I am a mechanical engineer and a Ph.D. student at the University of Nottingham and hired by Dynatest International A/s.
Inspiration and Motivation are the keys to the journey we take. This blog is about everything that could inspire people and help to motivate them for research and higher studies through my journey as a Marie Sklodowska-Curie fellow. I couldn't be more excited to share my journey up-to this point in my life in this blog post.
I spend my childhood in a sub-metropolitan city.  I moved to Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand for my high school education in 2007. I had a fun time living there far from my hometown and it was an enriching experience. I also made new friends. After two years, I decided to do Mechanical engineering from VIT univer…